The inspiration behind the development of the organisation was the work that was being done overseas
by other not for profit groups to improve early childhood literacy. These include Raising A Reader, Reach
Out & Read, Beanstalk and Read Aloud.

The Clinton Foundation research of 2010 highlighted:

  1. the long term personal, social and economic impact of a child not reading in the early years, and
  2. children from low-income and marginalised backgrounds often don’t read at home.

Our community involvement began in 2011 at the South Melbourne Housing Commission Estate. We started by offering guest story tellers to playgroups and other community groups located in low socio economic communities in Port Melbourne and South Melbourne. We grew our services to Geelong and Dandenong in 2014.

We acknowledged that our target audience were not visiting their local library and engaging in early childhood literacy services. These children required localised grassroots early literacy intervention within their community, at places they use and frequent often Illustration of the boy reading his book with the words falling out below.

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